Main tasks:

  • Receives message from structural engineer that the cutting basis /sketches and drawings are ready
  • Groups drawings according to activity in plan per FU/FAS.
  • Verifies start date in plan. In case of changes, agrees about new date with planning manager.
  • Identifies which fabrication/installation leader who is responsible for work package.
  • Registers hours in MIPS and sets:


-Calculations/Operations to work through activity?

-Links materials to job/work

-Links document to job/work

-Links work package to FIL

  • Prints out material list from MIPS and checks material coverage in warehouse. Contacts MTO responsible if there are shortages. If the work package is issued with material shortage, it has to be clearly informed when missing materials are available.
  • Creates complete electronic work package with front page, material list, cutting list / sketches and drawings.
  • Registers status, for example N01 (Job sent construction) in MIPS.
  • Reports "Estimate Complete" on job/work and activity when all jobs are calculated for the right activity.
  • Revises and follows up work package in case of changes etc.
  • Decide on solutions that satisfy requirement and specifications, which are optimal in respect of weight, fabrication friendly design and according to project method statement.
  • Produce Fabrication drawings according to current guidelines, ‘job notes’, procedures and standards in Kværner.
  • Establish and update technical register and mapping structure.


Skills and profile:


Bachelor or Master Degree or technician with relevant skills. Relevant experience may make up for formal education.

Theoretical knowledge and understanding of structures.

Extensive knowledge and understanding of PDMS, AutoCAD and technical register like MIPS

Necessary IT/software experience:

  • MIPS
  • AutoCAD
  • PDMS
  • MS Office

Requested qualifications:

  • Minimum 5-10 years experience in PDMS
  • Scandinavian and english

Other information:

  • Work location: West Norway
  • Duration 8th January 2019 to 30th June 2019 with possibility for extension
  • Ordinary work week


For further information about the position, please contact: Mr. Roar Emil Bergmann, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or mobil +47 90 55 65 99


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